Is DealRockit membership right for me?

DealRockit was designed with four important segments of the small business ecosystem in mind:

  1. Power Player Members
    • Accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers & financial advisors
    • Professional/financial service firms and agencies
    • Connectors to the service provider community.
  2. Sponsored Members
    • Clients, prospects, and partners of Power Player and Platform Members
    • Aspirers (startups/prospective small business owners, capital seekers and investors)
  3. Employee Members
    • Firm professionals invited by either Power Player or Platform members
  4. Platform Members
    • Large enterprises committed to growing distribution, making deeper inroads, and helping small business

Is a paid DealRockit Platform or Power Player membership right for my firm or business?

Here's how the managing partner of a leading CPA firm describes the clear benefits of a paid DealRockit membership.

DealRockit offers solutions that:

  • "help us better serve clients and move up the value chain"
  • "reinvents how small business buyers, sellers, investors, owners, and advisors interact and transact"
  • "redefines client value and makes business development easy and exciting"
  • "would be great for my clients, employees, firm, and profession. DealRockit is a win-win for all"
  • "the profession can join and unite behind. We all need to pull together"

How do I join DealRockit?

DealRockit membership is by paid subscription or invitation only. Power Player members subscribe and pay for their subscriptions on the Register page. Platform members subscribe and pay for their subscriptions via the Admin portal. Using the Membership Invite feature on their User Dashboard, Platform and Power Player members can invite firm employees and clients to join DealRockit as Employee and Sponsored members at no charge. Platform members may also invite Power Player Members at no charge. Accepting membership can only be done through an invitation from a Platform or Power Player Member. Each invitation contains a unique code or password that the invitee must use to get started. After accepting their invitation, members receive an e-mail containing next steps and easy "how to" instructions.

Prospective Members, not yet sponsored, may seek out membership invitations from existing Power Player Member Firms or by simply selecting Need A Sponsor in Step 1 on the Register page.

Is DealRockit easy to use?

DealRockit is an intuitive platform. This virtual marketplace platform is based on a series of fluid relationships, matches, and intuitive features which, in the end, combine to create exceptional user outcomes and experiences. The marketplace was built to be a proactive tool that helps users reduce risk by anticipating key issues that cause deals to fail and transactors not to connect.

Are there member rules?

Yes, there are specific member rules set out below pertaining to listing, joining, connecting, and matching privileges:

  1. Listing. All members are eligible to list singularly on all six marketplaces with the following exceptions:
    • Businesses for Sale and Funder Direct limits Employee member listings to Buyers and Investors/Capital Providers only.
    • Business Services is an exclusive marketing and listing service for Power Player member firms only.
  2. Joining. Join button communications are available to those members who list and join on DealTeams as seekers or owners. Members are eligible to join the following number of DealTeams:
    • Platform and Power Player members have unlimited Join DealTeams privileges.
    • Employee members have twelve Join DealTeams privileges.
    • Sponsored members have six Join DealTeams privileges.
  3. Connecting
    • Connect button communications is available to those members who list on Businesses for Sale and Funder Direct.
  4. Matching
    • Advanced Match permits all members full participation.
    • My Matches is open to all members that list on one or more of the six marketplace platforms. Thus, for example, if a member does not list on Businesses for Sale then s/he will not be eligible to use My Matches as to Businesses for Sale until they list.

Can you further describe the marketplace platforms?

Marketplace Platforms

DealRockit makes the traditionally complex dealflow process fast, simple, affordable, and even fun by bringing its members together through multiple marketplaces and business development platforms.

  • Businesses for Sale and Funder Direct accelerate how buyers, sellers, investors, and capital seekers access capital and opportunity.
  • DealTeams matches like-preferenced buyers and investors. DealTeams is how previously unaligned buyers and investors/capital providers team-up before listing on the Businesses for Sale and Funder Direct marketplace platforms. DealTeams is the future of small business -- where new pools of capital and talent quickly meet access and opportunity.
  • Businesses Services is an exclusive marketing and listing service for Platform and Power Player members only.
  • TeamUp Profile speeds up how members join DealTeams while raising their overall brand awareness and profile. Profile is a must for those looking to connect, collaborate, and close.

What makes the two matching platforms, My Matches and Advanced Match, so unique?

DealRockit is the ONLY platform that offers My Matches and Advanced Match capabilities for ANY COMBINATION:

  • Buyers and Sellers
  • Investors and Capital Seekers
  • DealTeams and DealTeam Seekers

As the leader in multi-marketplace optimization software, DealRockit allows members to test strategic scenarios, platform features and competitive measurables on six marketplaces - all customized to find future buyers, sellers, investors, capital seekers, advisors, DealTeams, and DealTeam partners. What used to take months or years for the deal weary can now be accomplished in seconds using My Matches and Advanced Match. Both features are exclusive to DealRockit and are only available to members that list on the Businesses for Sale, Funder Direct, DealTeams, TeamUp, and Business Services marketplaces.

How does DealRockit compare?


    Comparisons DealRockit Competition
    Traditional Listing and E-Commerce Site NO YES
    Listing Fees NO YES
    Digital Marketplace YES NO
    Business Development Platform` YES NO
    Six Marketplaces YES NO
    Two Matching Platforms YES NO
    Auto-Matching Preference Features YES NO
    One-Stop Convenience YES NO
    Membership by Invitation Only YES NO
    Distribution/Retention Focused YES NO
    Rockits Client/Employee Engagement YES NO
    Supports You and Those Who Rely On You YES NO

Can you provide an example of the compounding effect of Platform Membership?

Platform Membership Compound Effect Example:

Invite Types Number
Employees/Board Members You Invite 700
Firms/Prospects You Invite 4000
Average Number of Clients Firms invite 250
Average Number of Employees Firms invite 50
Total Compound Effect 1,204,700

What are the advantages of a Featured Listing?

Beyond the Standard Listing, each of the six marketplaces can be upgraded to either a Premium or Platinum Featured Listing. The advantages of each are quite significant. Electing such upgrades allows you to not only move to the head of the line in My Matches and Advanced Match results, but also to have a dedicated platform exclusively for Featured Listings only.

What about international?

DealRockit is built to scale globally. From the beginning many have felt that international is where there is the greatest demand - bringing new access and opportunity to stakeholders and sectors.

Are steps taken to validate members before they join?

Trust and verification are extremely important at DealRockit:

  • Each employee and client accepting Employee or Sponsored membership can only do so through an invitation from a Power Player Member.
  • Sponsored Members must agree to fulfill the requirements of membership including having their membership sponsor validate the information provided.
  • All members must check the confirmation box certifying they have met the compliance and accuracy requirements before they are permitted to list on Businesses for Sale, Funder Direct, or any marketplace.
  • We've built our community on the premise that honest interactions and accurate information makes every listing, detail, and connection not just part of a potential transaction, but a proactive blueprint that accurately reflects well on each member and their business or practice.

What about security? Do participants need to disclose all their information right away?

Contact between users first happens through the Connect/Join button features followed by a confirming e-mail to ensure full privacy, security, and non-intrusiveness. The names and contact information pertaining to sellers and capital seekers may be kept confidential and restricted until the user approves otherwise. In fact, sellers and capital seekers listing on Businesses for Sale and Funder Direct marketplaces have hide button features available to them for privacy and anonymity.

Is creating a marketplace listing simple?

The easy listing process ensures platform speed, confidentiality and mutual trust. After registering, each member will be directed to their User Dashboard. All members have listing/participation privileges on the following marketplaces:

  • Businesses for Sale
  • Funder Direct
  • DealTeams
  • TeamUp Profile
  • My Matches
  • Advanced Match

Only Platform and Power Player members have listing privileges on Business Services.

Before listing, users are required to answer a series of brief survey questions that determine preference criteria, matching possibilities (buyer-seller, etc.) and data for analytics. All users then certify, via checkbox, that they have met all compliance and accuracy requirements before being permitted to list.

How can the technology behind DealRockit help me achieve my goals?

After registering, a user is immediately eligible to list on any of the marketplace platforms and take full advantage of the unique My Matches and Advanced Match features DealRockit has to offer. Upon listing, a scorecard is immediately generated that allows each user to quickly compete, connect, and match. Access to robust match, data analytics, dashboards, and feedback tools allows each user to test scenarios, examine how they measure up and, of course, to find future buyers, sellers, investors, capital seekers and partners.

Other online services provide seller listings. How is DealRockit different?

DealRockit is unique in that it is a true marketplace platform that brings five or more sides together - buyer, seller, investor, capital seeker, and service provider - efficiently and in multiple ways and scenarios. Here are some other ways we stand out from the crowd:

  • Unlike traditional listing and e-commerce sites, DealRockit doesn't just list sellers but also takes on additional parts of the value chain to deliver a far better overall experience for users. By adding managed services, six marketplaces, two matching platforms, and one-stop convenience, DealRockit creates new demand and higher engagement for all users.
  • DealRockit is a movement that connects those interested in transitioning in/out of business ownership positions with the professionals capable of facilitating the process.
  • DealRockit is the lone provider of My Matches and Advanced Match capabilities for ANY COMBINATION:
    • Buyers, Sellers
    • Investors/Capital Providers, Capital Seekers
    • DealTeams, DealTeam Seekers
    • Planning Scenarios, Strategy Training

What about payment & fees?

Invited memberships fees include:

  • $0 Sponsored Members
  • $0 Employee Members

Subscription Fees

Subscription Fees are annual and are paid either monthly or annually. Subscription Fees are not refundable and are due and payable prior to use.

  • $250 month/$3000 annually Power Player
  • $500 month/$6000 annually Power Player Plus
  • $850 month/$10,200 annually Power Player Premium (by office location)
  • Platform Subscription Fees are not published

Listing Fees

Each of the marketplaces has 3 levels of Listing Fees. Fees cover a 4-week period and are due and payable prior to use.

  • Standard is $0 for each 4-week period.
  • Premium is $40 for each 4-week period.
  • Platinum is $50 for each 4-week period.

Accepted Payment Methods

For community safety, we do not store your credit card or any payment information. We strive to make the payment process easy and safer without having to store your credit card and payment information. For direct payments, we accept payment through ACH, E-Check, Wire Transfers, and Check.

What should members participating on the Businesses for Sale and Funder Direct platforms keep in mind?

It is important for all participants, but particularly for both buyers/sellers and investors/capital seekers, to think ahead about what each would want to know if they were in the other's shoes.

To that end, please keep in mind the following:

  • Buyers/investors need to be aware that sellers/capital seekers have hide button features available to them for privacy and anonymity.
  • Sellers/capital seekers will want to assess the buyer's/investor's level of interest and financial capabilities before sharing further or going forward. It is always a good practice for the buyer to be proactive and have a personal financial statement (PFS), source of funds document or equivalent ready ahead for the seller's review.
  • Buyers/investors understand that they will need to sign non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements (NDA) before receiving additional information about the businesses. It is always a good practice for the seller/capital seeker to have an NDA ready in advance for the buyer's/investor's review and signature.
  • After signing the NDA, buyers/investors typically will supply their initial due diligence request in writing for the seller's/capital seeker's review. Once agreed, the buyer/investor will then seek immediate access to these initial key documents. BE READY!

What if I am not an experienced buyer/seller or investor/capital seeker?

Keep in mind there are very few serial buyers/investors or sellers/capital seekers; for most, it's their "first rodeo." At this critical juncture, most users do not know where and how to begin when comes to buying, selling, and investing in businesses. Herein lies the "gap trap," which is precisely why we built this self-driving, start right platform - to anticipate and proactively solve the key issues that previously caused principals to not participate and connect or deals to fail. The lack of access, good options, and quality matching and sequencing capabilities clearly limited past participation and success.

How is DealRockit different (and better)?

Our proprietary process and algorithms address these key issues up front. This makes it easier for the "checked out" and ignored to get into the game and for those in the game to better position themselves for success. Our online user interface is intuitive, easy to use, and extremely reliable. By operating at the intersection of technology and human intervention, we offer a better process and platform on ramp that:

  • Starts users out right
  • Levels the playing field
  • Puts the pieces in the order they should be
  • Offers incomparable convenience
  • Drives both buyers/sellers and investors/capital seekers through the Platform and Power Player Networks (Businesses for Sale and Funder Direct marketplaces only)

How do I test your demo?

Demo Request

To make your demo request use the Contact button at the bottom of our homepage.


We created an interactive demo, complete with all the bells and whistles, for your testing and review. Here are a few fun facts regarding the demo/mock data:

Businesses for Sale

  • 12,074 Buyer Listings
  • 19,918 Seller Listings

Funder Direct

  • 20,059 Investor/Capital Provider Listings
  • 12,079 Capital Seeker Listings

Peer Connect

  • 50,018 Profile Listings
  • 4889 Group Listings
  • 944 Network Listings

Is DealRockit a brokerage or a securities exchange?

No. We are not a brokerage or a securities exchange; we are a platform connecting those interested in transitioning in/out of business ownership positions with the professionals capable of facilitating the process. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • We are neither a broker-dealer or investment advisor, nor do we provide legal, financial, or due diligence advice and services.
  • We are not a substitute for legal, financial or due diligence advice and services and, as such, each member or user is fully responsible for hiring their own professionals and advisors, conducting their own due diligence, and making their own decisions and analysis independently of DealRockit.
  • We do not recommend or endorse any firm, individual, listing, or opportunity appearing on our website, advertisements, e-mails, newsletters, or any other medium.
  • We make no representations as to the truth, accuracy, or completeness of any information regarding, or the suitability of, any opportunity, listing, or service.
  • We have no fiduciary or other obligations, or potential liabilities, to you.
  • We are not responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable laws regarding the purchase or sale of any business, product, service, or sale of any kind, including securities, and you should always consult with your legal and financial advisors.