Features and Benefits


DealRockit's winning formula combines the best of technology, opportunity and the critical human elements - experience and judgment.

  • Boosting Revenue
  • Boosting Relevance
  • Boosting Value
  • Boosting Engagement
  • Boosting Professional Relationships

Among the many unique and proprietary features to DealRockit, the membership, matching, and marketplace platform tools particularly stand out. Each is designed to extend member reach and opportunity in a hurry. Welcome to buying, selling, investing, and scaling on steroids.

One Powerful Network

A service becomes more valuable as more people use it, thereby encouraging ever-increasing numbers of adopters. That's why the focal points of our platform are the Enterprise, Power Player, and Individual Networks. By driving buyers, sellers, investors, and capital seekers through these networks, we've created new community intersections that combine human insight and technology to produce better outcomes and relationships. On DealRockit, all roads lead through these Networks.

Five Membership Groups

At the heart of these Networks are paid Enterprise, Power Player, and Individual Members. These include enterprises, individuals, and firms searching for their next act or opportunity inside/outside their business or practice.

By joining, Individuals and Member Firms see their footprint and impact grow in previously unimaginable ways and avoid being left behind as technology drives fundamental change across the business landscape. Member firms can choose from several different membership tiers while Individual members have their own customized membership.

Each paid membership type was based on unique needs. Individuals, firms and enterprises face different demands, constituents, and objectives, which we have addressed. Individual subscribers receive full DealRockit marketplace benefits plus complete access, including 1 Investor & 1 Capital Seeker seller listing BONUS, on our exclusive Private Deal Exchange. Power Player and Enterprise member firms enjoy full DealRockit marketplace privileges and many unique privileges of their own. Each, for example, can invite Sponsored Members and Employee Members to join DealRockit at no charge.Enterprise members have the additional benefit of inviting Power Player Members at no charge. Sponsored Members include clients; investors; prospects; and business owners, buyers, and sellers. Employee Members include employees of Enterprise and Power Player Member Firms.

Matching Tools

What used to take months or years for the deal weary can now be accomplished in seconds using My Matches and Advanced Match. Both features are exclusive to DealRockit. My Matches is only available to members that list on the Private Deal Exchange, Funder Direct, DealTeam, TeamUp, and Business Services marketplaces. Advanced Match is available at any time to all members.

Six Marketplaces

DealRockit makes the traditionally complex dealflow process fast, simple, affordable, and even fun by bringing its members together through six marketplaces and business development platforms.

  • Private Deal Exchange
  • Business Services
  • My Matches
  • Funder Direct
  • DealTeams
  • TeamUp