6 Marketplaces + 2 Matching Platforms + 5 Membership Types + No Listing or Success Fees = Winning Equation

DealRockit is the digital marketplace and membership community that is revolutionizing how businesses scale and engage. The social and business development platform provides a dedicated space for current and prospective business buyers, sellers, owners, investors, aspirers, and providers to connect, collaborate, and close deals through new and impactful business relationships. In today's fast-paced, ever changing business landscape, DealRockit makes it easy for individuals and enterprises alike to buy, sell, scale, and invest in businesses from anywhere.

Our History

DealRockit was founded with the intention to create the first-of-its-kind digital solution offering the tools for enterprises, entrepreneurs, and investors to interact and transact in unprecedented ways. While app developers, investors and entrepreneurs have changed the dating game, no one has managed to tackle a way to match and connect like-minded individuals and businesses in a one-stop-shop for customer acquisition and business development until now. What started as an idea to connect small businesses has grown to encompass all areas of networking, collaboration, and productivity, creating a virtuous cycle where everyone wins.

Our Value

In the race to deliver the best customer experience and accelerate growth, DealRockit, when maximized, will provide value to you through:

  • Reinventing how businesses scale & digitally engage
  • Cementing relationships & aligning interests
  • Creating deeper partnerships & collaborations
  • Accelerating customer experience & growth
  • Solving the business inclusion problem
  • Fast-tracking technology and digital innovation to avoid being left behind

Only DealRockit offers six marketplaces, two matching platforms, and customized membership and subscription programs to support you and those who rely on you. Click a button and in seconds get connected with those on the same page as you. DealRockit is LinkedIn on steroids, accelerating interactions and transactions that save time and ROCKiT growth for paid and invited members. Get ready to go from ZERO to ON FIRE!

FAST > Simple > Affordable guides us in everything we do. Together, let's ROCKiT! Join DealRockit Today.

Our Story

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