DealRockit's mission is to accelerate interactions and transactions that create growth and exceptional outcomes for its members.

Strengthens the Small Business Ecosystem

DealRockit is the digital marketplace and membership community that's revolutionizing how the small business ecosystem (current and prospective small business buyers, sellers, owners, investors, aspirers, and providers) interact and transact worldwide. In today's fast-paced, ever changing business landscape, we make it easy for individuals and enterprises alike to buy, sell, scale, and invest in small businesses and practices.

Cements Relationships

A paid DealRockit subscription sends a strong message. It let's your clients, partners, and employees know their value and your willingness to invest in them. DealRockit subscribers recognize that happy, engaged clients, partners, and employees boost revenues and retention, benefiting all stakeholders.

"Redefines Client Value"

A paid DealRockit subscription not only sends a strong message, but also tells your story for you and compounds as others spread the word. Here's what one managing partner of a top 200 CPA firm says about DealRockit:

"It's no secret that our profession is facing unprecedented change and uncertainty. We need solutions that help us better serve clients and move up the value chain.

That's why I am so excited about the breakthrough new business development platform DealRockit - an online digital marketplace and membership community that reinvents how small business buyers, sellers, investors, owners, and advisors interact and transact worldwide. DealRockit redefines client value and makes business development easy and exciting.

From the beginning David Carmell gave us a seat at the table. Admittedly, I had my doubts whether David could pull off such an undertaking - let alone one that would be great for my clients, employees, firm, and profession. DealRockit is a win-win for all.

We finally have a product that the profession can join and unite behind. We all need to pull together."

Winning Equation

6 Marketplaces + 2 Matching Platforms + 5 Membership Types + No Listing or Success Fees = Endless Possibilities

Not Lead Generation. Business Development.

An experienced start-up, DealRockit operates a portfolio of social and business acceleration marketplaces designed to increase distribution and create demand. Normally, only the well-connected have access to this niche. DealRockit changes all that by making access and opportunity available to more people and businesses than ever before.

FAST > Simple > Affordable guides us in everything we do. Together, let's ROCKiT! Join DealRockit Today.

Our Story

David Carmell