Launches Ecosystem Investing (EI)

DealRockit's mission is to accelerate interactions and transactions that create growth and exceptional outcomes for its members.

Reinvents How Businesses Scale & Digitally Engage

DealRockit is the digital marketplace and membership-based multi-marketplace optimization software solution that's revolutionizing how enterprises invest in their ecosystems to build and scale businesses. EI is a comprehensive customer engagement, business development solution exclusive to DealRockit. It combines the best of proprietary technology and powerful marketplace and matching tools with human experience, allowing firms to offer free products and memberships with far reaching capabilities and benefits to invited clients, prospects, and business/referral partners. In today's fast-paced, ever changing business landscape, DealRockit makes it easy for individuals and enterprises alike to connect, collaborate, and thrive through new and impactful business relationships and digital engagement.

Cements Relationships

Built to change the playing field, scale fast and leave competitors behind, a paid DealRockit subscription sends a strong message. It let's your clients, partners, and employees know their value and your willingness to invest in them. DealRockit subscribers recognize that happy, engaged clients, partners, and employees boost revenues and retention, benefiting all stakeholders.

Creates Virtuous Cycles Where Everyone Wins

In the race to deliver the best digital customer experiences and accelerate growth, companies must invest in their ecosystem to elevate others to elevate themselves. In an era of compressed cycles, DealRockit is ready-made, fast and does all the hard work for you. Built for a digital world where firms can rapidly accelerate growth and customer experience without having to leave their homes or offices, DealRockit is a fantastic tool for enterprises to be a force for good, an innovator and a rainmaker all on one platform. Our platform combines a mix of decision optimization software and engagement technology to ROCKiT user experience and results.

  • Giving super-participation and collaboration powers to more customers, professionals, businesses, and aspirers than ever before
  • Providing fast access to information, resources, connections and multiple marketplaces and matching platforms
  • Offering free products and memberships with far-reaching capabilities and benefits to invited clients, prospects, and business/referral partners
  • Creating deeper partnerships, collaborations, and virtuous cycles where everyone wins

Aligns Interests

Learn how the inclusive nature of DealRockit creates countless opportunities for growth and engagement.

6 Marketplaces + 2 Matching Platforms + 5 Membership Types + No Listing or Success Fees = Winning Equation

Accelerates Customer Experience & Growth

An experienced start-up, DealRockit operates a portfolio of social and business acceleration marketplaces designed to increase distribution and create demand and community. Normally, only the well-connected have access to this niche. DealRockit changes all that by making access and opportunity available to more people and businesses than ever before.

FAST > Simple > Affordable guides us in everything we do. Together, let's ROCKiT! Join DealRockit Today.

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