At DEALROCKiT we offer both co-branded and white label social and business acceleration platform products that revolutionize how businesses/brands scale, engage, and include. These digital marketplaces and membership communities provide a dedicated space for current and prospective businesses, investors, capital seekers, aspirers, and talent to connect, collaborate, and close through new and impactful business relationships. In today's fast-paced, ever changing business landscape, DEALROCKiT makes it easy for individuals and enterprises alike to scale and invest in businesses, customers, and talent from anywhere.

Our History

Founded by Chicago-based entrepreneur, David Carmell, the digital ecosystem was created to "level the playing field" and be the first-of-its-kind digital solution offering the tools for enterprises, entrepreneurs, and investors to interact and transact in unprecedented ways. While app developers, investors and entrepreneurs have changed the dating game, no one has managed to tackle a way to match and connect like-minded individuals and businesses in a one-stop-shop for customer acquisition, talent retention and business development until now. What started as an idea to connect the small business ecosystem has grown to encompass all areas of networking, collaboration, and productivity, creating a virtuous cycle where everyone wins.

Our Vision

At DEALROCKiT we are driven by the power of possibilities and achieving fulfillment at scale, helping people, businesses and powerful ideas become extraordinary together fast.

  • 1. Embracing "big guy little guy" collaboration is the ticket to inclusion and scale.

  • 2. Relieving customers of the creativity burden frees them to be the digital innovators, business magnets, and customer experience leaders they aspire to be.

  • 3. Delivering new capabilities and integrated experiences beyond core offerings creates an incredible bonding experience for customer, prospect, and talent alike.

  • 4. Making firms more essential to invited clients, talent, prospects, and business/referral partners, elevates retention, personalization, and digital leapfrogging fast.

  • 5. Solving the customer's most valuable problem (MVP) in a way they've never experienced before changes the premium business model and business-social experience.

  • 6. Accelerating interactions and transactions creates growth and exceptional outcomes.

  • 7. Getting more people off the sidelines and into the game benefits all of us.

  • 8. Giving you the experience we'd want if roles were reversed raises everyone's game.

Our Team