Ecosystem Investing (EI)
Saves Time. ROCKiTs Growth. Soars Inclusion.

Providing an all-encompassing online community for business development and financial inclusion, DEALROCKiT's cloud-based digital marketplace uses proprietary Buyerize® technology to connect like-minded individuals and businesses in a one-stop-shop for customer acquisition and business development. We offer the only ready-made solution that ROCKiTs customer acquisition, talent retention, and business inclusion, putting growth and control at your fingertips. Our award-winning platform scales businesses and aspirations of any size, combining a mix of decision optimization software and engagement technology to soar user experience and outcomes without having to leave homes or offices.

New digital marketplaces and business membership communities from DEALROCKiT, create deeper partnerships and collaborations, allowing businesses to offer free products with far-reaching capabilities and benefits to invited clients, prospects, talent, and business/referral partners immediately. Our multi-marketplace, customer engagement software, optimizes customer/talent experience and business inclusion, making it simpler to scale and innovate by bringing people, business, and powerful ideas together fast in an inclusive collaborative space.

An easy registration and listing process ensuring platform speed, confidentiality, and mutual trust.
Robust match, data analytics, dashboards and feedback/TeamUp tools.
A unique platform bringing buyers, sellers, investors, capital seekers, & service providers together - efficiently.

Eliminates Most
Sales & Marketing Costs.

To reflect diverse business communities and membership levels, DEALROCKiT offers six marketplaces, three paid memberships, and two matching platforms. Each paid membership type was designed to accelerate engagement and scale. Paid-in Individual, Power Player, and Enterprise members face different demands, constituents, and objectives, which we have addressed using a unique mix of decision optimization software and engagement technology customized for each.

For those interested in white label or co-branded platform programs, we've created an interactive demo marketplace, complete with all the bells and whistles for your testing and review. This live marketplace has over 100,000 mock data listings and users, giving you great confidence in the platform's robustness and uniqueness.

Whether an individual, group, or business of any size, there is a DEALROCKiT membership that is right for you.

Membership Extends Reach
Beyond Traditional Products/Services

Invited Individual Power Player Power Player Plus Power Player Premium Enterprise
Billed Annually $0/mo $84/mo $209/mo $417/mo $709/mo Custom
Billed Monthly $0/mo $100/mo $250/mo $500/mo $850/mo Plans
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Global Deal Exchange
Advanced Matching Platform
Teamup Profile Acess
Increased Listings
Multi-Client Invites
Enhanced Client Engagement
Enhanced Team Engagement
Full Marketplace Privileges
Superior Business Development
Naming Rights
Sponsor Packages
Unlimted DealTeams
Licensing Branding Opportunities