How It Works

Decision Optimization

DealRockit is the leader in multi-marketplace optimization software. Our approach does not involve any complicated strategies - no more not knowing where to look and how to begin or wondering if others are as prepared and will find you. Our extensive experience and thorough marketplace knowledge are built into the platform. DealRockit was designed to let each member, novice and experienced alike, find their own equilibrium and comfort level - regardless of experience or time horizon.

We specifically designed DealRockit for people who want fingertip-ready opportunities without taking excessive risk. We do this by combining a proprietary mix of decision optimization software and enabling technology to ROCKiT user experience to the next level. Quite simply, DealRockit narrows down the key details and removes the friction so you "can take it from here."

Membership & Registration

DealRockit membership is by paid subscription or invitation only. There are 5 levels of membership:

  • 3 paid: Individual, Power Player (firms), and Enterprise (larger companies, multi-location firms).
  • 2 invited: Employee and Sponsored (client/prospects) memberships are invitation-only; each firm employee and client accepting membership can only do so through an invitation from a Power Player or Enterprise Member.
  • Individual and Power Player members subscribe and pay for their subscriptions on the Register page. Enterprise members subscribe and pay for their subscriptions via the Admin portal.

We've developed a detailed FAQ section covering how DealRockit works. However, here are some key things to remember:

  • We've infused elements of trust, verification, authenticity, and security throughout DealRockit, resulting in a platform where interactions and transactions reflect well on you and your business or practice.
  • An easy registration and listing process ensures platform speed, confidentiality, and mutual trust.
  • Robust match, data analytics, dashboards and feedback tools allow each user to test scenarios, examine how they measure up, and find future buyers, sellers, investors, partners, and growth strategies.
  • DealRockit is unique in that it brings five or more sides together - buyer, seller, investor, capital seeker, and service provider - efficiently and in multiple ways and scenarios.

Marketplace Demo

We created an interactive demo marketplace, complete with all the bells and whistles, for your testing and review. This live marketplace has over 100,000 mock data listings and users. This should give you a good feel of the platform. Everyone who views it has said it is nothing like what they expected.

Demo Request

To make your demo request or to learn more about paid membership, please use the Contact button at the bottom of the homepage.