DealRockit Enterprise and Power Player memberships are right for those organizations seeking to ROCKiT growth and better align with employees, clients, and business partners. Both the Enterprise and Power Player memberships were specifically designed to help firms rapidly move up the value chain by offering ready-made solutions that better serve and positively impact their ecosystem. Our proprietary marketplaces, matching, and membership features create demand and exceptional value, making these organizations and the businesses/clients they invite more transactional and engaged.

Here's how the managing partner of a top 200 CPA firm describes the clear benefits of a paid DealRockit membership.

DealRockit offers solutions that:

  • "help us better serve clients and move up the value chain"
  • "reinvents how small business buyers, sellers, investors, owners, and advisors interact and transact"
  • "redefines client value and makes business development easy and exciting"
  • "would be great for my clients, employees, firm, and profession. DealRockit is a win-win for all"
  • "the profession can join and unite behind. We all need to pull together"

DealRockit also offers customized membership solutions that check all the right boxes, helping financial services companies and insurance carriers solve competitive challenges through ecosystem investing:

  • Winning the arms race for relevance and innovation (American Banker)
  • Aligning carrier/producer interests (Rob Berkley, CEO, W.R. Berkley)
  • Taking customer engagement to unheard levels (Chris Lowell, The Hartford)
  • Driving innovation and growth through digital technology/insurtech partnerships (John Wilcox, The Hartford)
  • Tackling accelerated change (Top insurance/financial services issues, PwC)

Is creating a marketplace listing simple?

The easy listing process ensures platform speed, confidentiality and mutual trust. After registering, each member will be directed to their User Dashboard. All members have listing/participation privileges on the following marketplaces:

  • Funder Direct
  • DealTeams
  • TeamUp Profile
  • My Matches
  • Advanced Match

Only Individual and upgraded Platinum listing members have listing privileges on Private Deal Exchange.

Only Enterprise and Power Player members have listing privileges on Business Services.

Before listing, users are required to answer a series of brief survey questions that determine preference criteria, matching possibilities (buyer-seller, etc.) and data for analytics. All users then certify, via checkbox, that they have met all compliance and accuracy requirements before being permitted to list.